Oscars: How the Fall Film Fests Will Shape Awards Season

THR's awards columnist sorts out which films will be screening at the annual Venice, Telluride, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, London, Savannah and AFI fests.
Yorgos Lanthimos/Twentieth Century Fox; Universal Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures; Carlos Somonte/NETFLIX; Twentieth Century Fox
From top left: ‘The Favourite,’ ‘First Man,’ ‘Roma,’ ‘Widows’
A slew of announcements over the past few weeks by the major fall film festivals — Venice, Telluride, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, London, Savannah and AFI — have helped to clarify which awards hopefuls will be screening where in the coming months.

First Man (Universal), Damien Chazelle‘s large-scale film follow-up to La La Land, which stars Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, will open the 75th Venice Film Festival. This year’s activities on the Lido will run Aug. 29-Sept. 8 and be governed by a jury presided over by last year’s Golden Lion winner for The Shape of WaterGuillermo del Toro — something that could work to the benefit of another film premiering there, Roma (Netflix), Alfonso Cuaron‘s smaller-scale, black-and-white, Spanish-language follow-up to Gravity. (Cuaron and del Toro account for two of “The Three Amigos.”)

Roma is but one of six Netflix titles that will be part of this year’s Biennale, a larger-than-usual presence undoubtedly attributable, at least in part, to Cannes’ stubborn refusal to screen in competition Netflix titles that don’t receive a theatrical release in France. The others include Paul Greengrass‘ 22 July, about a 2011 terrorist attack in Norway; Ethan and Joel Coen‘s anthology series turned anthology film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs; and The Other Side of the Wind, a film that Orson Welles started in the 1970s, which others, like producer Frank Marshall, have now seen through to completion. (Charlie Chaplin‘s Limelight was released 20 years after it was made, and it won an Oscar, so it seems like Welles’ pic could conceivably be a contender, too.)

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